Update 2

Assalamu alaikum,

Welcome to the second half termly update email from your madrasah, Darul Hadis Latifiah.

We have had another busy and productive half term, with students taking part in a number of different activities designed to develop their academic and personal skills. Please read on to find out more.


To develop the literacy and communication skills of our students, the school organises an oracy competition (the Harkness Project) and an essay writing competition in alternate half-terms. In the last half term, the students competed against their peers to write the best essay on the topic of “Rights of parents over children and rights of children over parents”. All students entered the competition and the judges saw a number of outstanding pieces of work. The winners of the competition were:

Year 7:

1st: Asad

2nd: Jabir

Year 8:

1st: Hamim

2nd: Abdul Muhaimin

Year 9:

1st: Anas

2nd: Abdul Hakim

Year 10:

1st: Atiqul

2nd: Mustafa

All the first placed winners received a prize of £10 in cash.


Our school was founded with the aim of providing the best academic education alongside the personal and spiritual development of all our students. For the latter, the madrasah has engaged the services of a specialist provider to deliver workshops on Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic education. To date, the students have taken part in workshops looking at the harms of drugs and also how to develop resilience to peer pressure. We hope these workshops, in tandem with the Islamic curriculum of the school, will help our students to become upright Muslims and enable them to take on their roles as the future leaders of the British Muslim community.


On 24th January 2019, our Year 10 & 11 students rekindled old rivalries by taking on Jamiatul Ummah in a football match at Mile End Stadium. Our boys put up a valiant performance, but unfortunately on this occasion we were unable to come away with the win. We are playing again in the United Madrasah Championships in March and we will update you how we do in the competition in the next update email insha Allah.


Last half term’s extra-curricular clubs were based on the theme of ‘Leadership’. All students had to take part in either Debating Club or Public Speaking Club. There was some excellent feedback from students and they all took part in the clubs enthusiastically.


Every half term, the madrasah organises a drop-down day where students are immersed in one subject. Last half term, it was Arabic Day. On 5th February, students took part in fun activities, including Arabic crosswords, Arabic hangman, True or False and Last Man Standing. The Year 8s then performed 2 plays entirely in Arabic. This was followed by an inspiring lecture given in Arabic by Abdul Wahid from year 10 which he had written by himself. We were all very impressed by the confidence of our students in speaking Arabic and this is a skill that we are now giving a lot of importance to as a school. The parents present were also all very impressed with our students’ work. 


As part of our PSHCE curriculum and to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2019, the school’s CEOP Ambassador (M. Badrul Islam) delivered workshops to all classes, including the Sixth Form, exploring how to keep safe online. This year’s workshops focused on the dangers of sharing personal data online.



Last half term’s Big Debate was between Year 7 & 8. The motion debated was “This house believes that young people over the age of 12 should be given more independence in making their own decisions”. The Year 7 debaters argued for the motion and the Year 8 debaters were against. Both teams spoke eloquently and passionately and were able to answer questions from the floor. The final vote was very close, and the Year 8 team were judged to have come out on top.


On the final day of the half term, we had our House competition: the House Quiz. Students were divided into their Houses and faced rival Houses in answering general knowledge questions. The students learnt a lot on the day and had a lot of fun. The eventual winners of the House Quiz were Salah House, who earned points for their house.



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We look forward to letting you know about everything we are doing this half term.