GCE Examination Timetable May/June 2017

Day & Date AM (Starting at 9:00am) PM (Starting at 1:30pm)
Tues 16th May Arabic Unit 1: Understanding and Written Response (2h 45m)  
Wed 17th May   Bengali AS 1636 (2h 30m)
Wed 17th May Mathematics: Core Mathematics C1 (1h 30m)  
Thurs 18th May   Business Paper 1: Marketing and people (1h 30m)
Thurs 18th May Religious Studies AS, RSS10 (1h 15m)  
Thurs 18th May Religious Studies AS, RSS11 (1h 15m)  
Wed 24th May Mathematics: Core Mathematics C2 (1h 30m)  
Wed 24th May   Arabic Unit 2: Understanding, Written Response and Research (3h 00m)
Thurs 25th May   Bengali A2 2636 (3h)
Thurs 25th May   BIOL1 (1h 15m)
Fri 26th May   Business Paper 2: Managing business activities

(1h 30m)

Fri 26th May CHEM1 (1h 15m)  
Tues 6th June   BIOL2 (1h 45m)
Wed 7th Jun Mathematics: Further Pure FP2 (1h 30m)  
Wed 7th Jun Mathematics: Statistics S1 (1h 30m)  
Fri 9th June   CHEM2 (1h 15m)
Mon 12th June   BIOL4 (1h 30m)
Tues 13th June   CHEM4 (1h 45m)
Wed 14th June Mathematics: Mechanics M1 (1h 30m)  
Fri 16th June   Mathematics: Mechanics M2 (1h 30m)
Fri 16th June   Mathematics: Decision Mathematics D1 (1h 30m)
Mon 19th June CHEM5 (1h 45m)  
Mon 19th June   Religious Studies A2, RST3H (1h 30m)
Tues 20th June   BIOL5 (2h 15m)
Fri 23rd June Mathematics: Core Mathematics C4 (1h 30m)  
Fri 23rd June Mathematics: Decision Mathematics D2 (1h 30m)  
Mon 26th June   Mathematics: Statistics S2 (1h 30m)
Tues 27th June Religious Studies A2, RST4A (1h 30m)